We offer same-day local service in regions across the country.

View an interactive map of our same-day coverage zones to find out where you can expand your local freight footprint with Mothership.

Within same-day local zones, shippers:

  • Will receive free liftgate and residential delivery

  • Are eligible to receive same-day delivery at no extra cost if booked before 1 pm

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Same-day zones:

  1. Atlanta

  2. Baltimore

  3. Charlotte

  4. Chicago

  5. Columbus

  6. Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex

  7. Delaware Valley

  8. Denver

  9. Greater Houston

  10. Greater Los Angeles

  11. Greater St. Louis

  12. Indianapolis

  13. Inland Empire

  14. Jacksonville

  15. Metro Detroit

  16. Miami

  17. Milwaukee

  18. Nashville

  19. New York

  20. Phoenix

  21. Portland

  22. Salt Lake City

  23. San Diego County

  24. San Francisco Bay Area

  25. Ventura County

Please note: The pickup and delivery zip codes for your shipment must be included in the same-day zone to be eligible for same-day service. Outside these zones, we facilitate all LTL shipments using our partner carrier network with estimated transit times.

How are zones determined?

We updated our same-day zones to mirror Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSA), covering full zip codes. Zip codes will no longer be cut off or restricted, ensuring any address in an eligible zip code may receive same-day service. Metropolitan Statistical Areas have high population density and diverse commerce with populations of 50,000 or more.

Our local freight marketplace thrives in areas like these, where we can consistently match carriers with a high volume of shipments. If our new zoning does not include your area, it is because we are not currently able to maintain a reliable and efficient freight marketplace. In the future, coverage may expand to your area, and you’ll be notified of the change. View a full list of MSAs here.

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